A Tradition of Service

In 1911 a meeting of 32 concerned and dedicated men was held in a house know as 'Stacy's Old House' for the purpose of organizing a fire company in this vicinity. At this meeting, two committees were formed to investigate two issues, the first was the cost of the equipment and the second was the territory to be covered.
Those present at the first meeting were:
T Martine, I. Cornwell, Z. Murphy, J. Wood , S. M. Cornell, W. M. Cornell, F. G. Cornell, W. Menner, F. Ives, C. Brotherton, O. B. Stacy Jr., W. Finck, T. Ackley, H. Ackley, T. Tichenor, O. Langdon Sr., O. Langdon Jr., J. Stenson, Sr., J. Stenson Jr., N. Burch, D.S. Frost, L. Eldert, W. Langdon, J. Kiel, B. Reuter, G.W. Rose, C.S. Langdon, F. Mott, A. Mott, R. Mott

At the Second meeting, the name "the Norwood Hook, Ladder and Hose Company" was given to the organization and the decision for a hook, ladder and bucket apparatus was to be purchased for the price of $497.00. The Town fire alarm was a metal wagon wheel rim suspended from a beam outside the barn of Isaac Cornwell, at Franklin and Cornwell Avenues.
In 1914, the first building for the fire department was constructed at the cost of $3,500. From the years 1920 to 1925, the village purchased many new vehicles for the fire department, which included a 1921 Model T Ford pumper, a Ford Ladder Truck, a Packard Speed wagon for the tournament team.
Then in 1928 two new Seagrave trucks were purchased, one six hundred gallon pumper and a hook and ladder truck with over two hundred and fifty feet of ladders. Due to all these new trucks, the original building had to be modified to accommodate these new trucks.
In the past 90 years the Malverne Fire Department, still known as the Norwood Hook, Ladder and Hose Company, has grown to be a dedicated, well-trained and efficient, while also upgrading with the times, upgrading a steel wagon rim as a fire alarm to wireless pagers that alert men of alarms from a distance.

If you are interested in Joining the Malverne Fire Department, Call 516-599-8281 or email join@malvernefd.com